Historic Resource Survey

An Old Mapping Project Renewed

The Historic Resource Survey was conducted in the 1980s and resulted in a set of maps, photos, and detailed documentation of the location of historic resources such as buildings, structures, landscapes, and objects. Compiled by Stephanie Mauri from the Dutchess County Historical Society, John Clarke from the Dutchess County Department of Planning and Development, and other architectural historians, they were the product of a comprehensive field survey of almost every road in the County.

Voluminous in detail, quaint in description, and beautifully colored, they included many subjective notes about the structures and natural features observed. In addition, an extensive architectural inventory accompanies the included photographs and formal descriptions of each resource.

-An excerpt from the Dutchess County Planning Federation Plan On It eNewsletter by Robert Wills, Sr GIS Project Coordinator

Stephanie Mauri and John Clarke work on the original Historic Resource Survey (1985)

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